Monday, February 21, 2011

Goal Planning Monday

Today, I'm joining Katrina's Meme for goal planning Monday.  I am not sure what a  Meme is, so my #1 goal is to google it and find out.  After that:

#2  Getting back in shape.  This week, I will track everything I eat and list its weight watcher points.  I will drink water at meals and extra water in between.  And I will exercise every day.  I took one walk this morning and plan to take another longer one this evening.

#3  Make lasagna.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I want to make him a lasagna.  It is one of those meals that feels so complicated that I haven't tackled it in years.  So, I hope it turns out well. 

#4  Wrap presents. 

#5  Spring clean the kitchen.  This job was supposed to be done last week, but didn't make it.

If I get these things done, I will feel I had a great week!


  1. Way to go Colleen:-) I'm joining you on those health goals. Happy Early Birthday to your Hubby too :-)

  2. I want to come to your home for presents (or at least the party) and lasagna.

    Did you find out what a meme is? In case Google didn't tell you, it rhymes with dream.

    I hope your week is shaping up well.