Monday, April 18, 2011

This One or That One?

My daughter's Missionettes class is studying "Creation" this month. Last week, I walked around class and offered each girl a chance at winning a penny. I held out two closed hands. They had to decide which one held the penny. If they guessed correctly, they won. If not, they lost out.

This was an object lesson you might use with your children. There are two options available for us: evolution and creation. They are complete opposites. One relies on an intelligent, personal, and powerful God to accomplish everything. The other relies on a floating speck of hydrogen. You cannot have both of them; you cannot meld them together. You must choose one.

The world tells us that we can make up our own minds about what is true. But, is that true? Or is it like the penny game? You can make whichever decision you want, but only one will be a winner! Choose wisely.

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