Monday, November 7, 2011

Have a Minute?

This article originally appeared in the Pitter Patter newsletter of my MOPS group, oh many years ago.  It made me stop and think all over again!  I have updated a few things to make it timely.

I got caught at the last ladies’ meeting here at church.  The Pastor's wife was speaking and she asked everyone to close their eyes for a minute just to think about Jesus and concentrate on Him.  So, I bowed my head and closed my eyes and I prayed a prayer of thanks for Christ saving me and giving me everything I have.

Then I started listing off in my head all the things I needed to do later in the day.  Then I looked over at the lunch buffet to see what we’d be eating later.  Then I wondered about who the next speaker was going to be.  Then I thought, okay, I’m ready to move on, here.  And then Alice said, “Okay, that was ONE minute.”

It really cut me to the heart.  I had been racing so fast in my mind that I thought at least 10 or 15 minutes had passed.  I did not have ONE minute to spare for Christ – the one whom I supposedly have given my life to.  Not one minute.

I tell you what.  The next few weeks may be extremely busy – Thanksgiving, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and getting ready for the much time will I stop to meditate on God’s Word?  How much time will I reflect on God’s goodness?  How much time will I spend in prayer?  How much time will I devote solely to Jesus?  How about you?

Can we take ONE minute to think about God’s greatest gift to us?  In this moment of silence, thank Him for sending His Son, Jesus Christ to save us in order to give us a relationship with God.  It is offered to us so freely -- if we only take the time to receive it.  If you haven’t received it yet, you could use this minute to ask God to reveal Himself to you.  He will.  He is waiting for you, to show you how much He loves you.

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  1. Amen! Thank you for that word of encouragement in regards to where we place the Lord in our busy schedule!!!!