Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where do they go?

At times, during the day, while driving or shopping or cooking or mopping, I'll have these really deep thoughts.  I'll have spiritual thoughts about God's grand creation or great redemption.  Or I'll have earth-bound thoughts about how to save the world from one dire problem or another.  Or I'll think of funny stories or examples about parenting or housewifery.  I come up with brilliant layouts of photos and clever wording to go with them.

But, then I go upstairs to my computer when I actually have time to make it physical, to create a blog or an e-mail or a letter.  And it is all gone.  I draw a total blank.  I can think of nothing.  Is that the result of being a mom with too much on her plate?  Is it old age?  Is it reality vs. fantasy -- my ideas weren't as great as I thought they were?  Is it all of the above? 

Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, the result is, I have nothing to say today.

What about you?

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I understand! That's why I carry a notebook with me at all times to catch those stray thoughts ;-)