Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ten Commandments Song

Deuteronomy 11:19 is a reminder to us to "...teach them to your children."  God wanted His people to know and obey His commandments.  He wanted them to pass from one generation to the next.  His commandments bring us freedom from the consequences of sin -- in other words, if you obey these things, you won't have to face the consequences.  In a generation that is pulling down all references to the commandments in schools and public buildings, our job is getting harder.  Not everyone knows the commandments -- some have never even heard of them.  When my children were small, we were looking for a fun way to teach them, and I ended up writing this little song.  It follows the tune of Ten Little Indians (roughly), except instead of singing "One little," take the same space for "One," and then a little rest and it works out.  This song is copyrighted, so please carry that information along with my name in any copies.  You are free to copy for church or personal use, but otherwise, please ask my permission. 

Ten Commandments Song
written by Colleen Berry

One, two, three commandments
Four, five, six commandments
Seven, eight, nine commandments
Ten commandments in all!

“No other gods” is the first commandment
“Make no idols” is the second commandment
“Respect God’s name” is the third commandment
Ten commandments in all!

“Remember the Sabbath” is the fourth commandment
“Honor your parents” is the fifth commandment
“Do not murder” is the sixth commandment
Ten commandments in all!

“Don’t commit adultery” is the seventh commandment
“Do not steal” is the eighth commandment
“Do not lie” is the ninth commandment
Ten commandments in all!

“Do not covet” is the tenth commandment
God gave us all the ten commandments
God loves those who keep His commandments
Ten commandments in all!

copyright by Colleen Berry 2003

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