Friday, July 15, 2011

School is Coming!

Getting ready for the new school year! I remember the school supplies, the haircuts and fresh new clothes of this season when I was young. For homeschoolers, those outward statements of "school is coming soon" are faded; the true sign of the season beginning is in the curriculum. Here is the curriculum choices we've made so far for this year:

7th grader:
A Beka General Math
Apologia Astronomy
Sequential Spelling 2
Analytical Grammar - part 1 (maybe)

9th grader:
Video Text Algebra
Getting Started with Latin (almost complete) then on to Linney's Latin
Wordly Wise
Apologia Zoology
Analytical Grammar - part 2
Ballet, Tap, Jazz dance classes

Bible Covenants
Names of God by David Wilkerson
A Beka Themes in Lit/BJU Elements of Lit
Apologia Physical Science
Mystery of History (returning to Book 1)
WW2 Unit Study + The Hiding Place
Painless Poetry

Co-ops with our Homeschool Group
Physical Science
Chess Club
Cantering the Country
Book Club (classics)

Also trying out Sports Club at a local Rec Center

As I type this, I think this looks ambitious and I know that we will not get it all done, but God willing we will take the best pieces and leave the rest!


  1. We start on Monday. I'm trying to balance keeping a schedule so we get things done and not overscheduling so we burn out.

  2. We also use Apologia and IEW!

    Thanks for linking up with me. This has bee great.

    I am now following you as well.