Monday, July 25, 2011

The Proverbs 31 Woman - Part 6

Please forgive the fact that the last post was also titled "part 6," I have fixed the error.  That one was "5" and this one is "6".

The Proverbs 31 woman is GENEROUS.

v. 19-20 says
She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
And her hands grasp the spindle.
She extends her hands to the poor;
And she stretches our her hands to the needy.

The Proverbs 31 woman is hard-working, but she is not selfish with what she gains.  She makes sure there is enough for her family, as well as for those in need.  This is a hard one, but one we have to realize.  It is not important in life to accumulate goods.  Sometimes we think, well, I worked hard for this, I deserve it –- no matter how frivolous or useless or self-seeking the “thing” may be.  When we look around us, is there someone else who doesn’t have shoes, or food, or a place to stay?  We need to think about them more often before we go “play.”  

When my children were young, our MOPS group provided a Christmas and an Easter outreach -– a chance for us to give to those in need.  The people were easily identified and their need was evident to us.  By doing so, we taught our children that to give IS better than to receive!   Now, they give their own money in those seasons to buy chickens and blankets and gospel tracts for people in Asian countries (through Gospel for Asia).  They pray over our sponsor child in Haiti (through New Missions).  They have often gone with me to deliver meals to homeschool moms who have had babies or who are going through hard times.  They have seen me hand money to strangers standing at the side of the roads with signs in their hands.  [I know that isn't always wise, but God can use it to His glory anyway.

I am certainly not tooting my own horn here...I do not do nearly enough in this area!  I am just putting forth different ideas that we have tried at different times.  I'd love to hear what things you have done as well.  Please comment below!

[It may be important to note that the Proverbs 31 woman does take care of her family first.  Sometimes people choose to live in squalor because they can’t get away from the guilt of having something when somebody else doesn’t.  I don’t think that is quite right.  The Bible talks about giving so that others live “equally” with us, not that we should be poverty-stricken so others can be rich.]

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  1. Hi, Colleen. I found your blog through the review of MOH you wrote for Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand (I've also written a review there and advertise my blog - Being Made New - there as well). I have been using My Father's World for the past two years, but just recently was (quite unexpectedly) led to switch to MOH. I'm very excited to start up soon - and am glad I've found at least one other MOH blogger in you! Do you know of any MOH blog rolls, or can you direct me to others who use MOH and blog? I like to connect with others doing similar things. Thanks for your help!